Upcoming Walk: Saturday, March 24th 2018, Ripple Rock

Saturday March 24th, Ripple Rock,

On April 5th, 1958, the largest non-nuclear man-made explosion to date occurred at Seymour Narrows, just north of Campbell River. The 1270 metric tons of Nitramex 2H explosives was loaded into tunnels coming from Maud Island, on the east side of the narrows. Ripple Rock had been a long time danger to shipping on the inland passageway, as its two peaks almost broke water at low tides. The risk of grounding was increased due to the high volumes of water that flow during full tides. We will meet at the Courtenay Country Market, 5352 Old Island Highway across form Sunnydale golf course. The drive to the trail head is about 45 minutes, and the walk around 3 hours return. Pack water and a light lunch as we picnic at the viewpoint before the return trip. For more details check out this link:


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