Vanier Forest Garry Oaks Project

The Vanier Forest Garry Oak Restoration and Stewardship Pilot Project is an initiative started by the Society in 2019 to protect and promote a rare example of a wetland Garry oak ecosystem that is endangered in Courtenay’s Vanier Nature Park.


Garry oaks in Vanier Nature Park

CVN has proposed working with the City of Courtenay to prevent the elimination of the oaks due to natural forest succession to Douglas firs.

The project also involves:

  • Removal of invasive plants from the principal oak grove.
  • Remediation of the hydrology of the site to allow greater water retention and cleaner water flow to Towhee Creek.


In addition, an ongoing student stewardship component would be established in G.P. Vanier Secondary School which would allow the stewards to participate in the restoration process under the direction of skilled CVN volunteers and SD71 staff. After a period of 3 years, we anticipate that the restoration will be advanced enough that direct work in the grove will consist of minimal monitoring and maintenance. 

Key project documents

Vanier Nature Park Garry Oak Tree Survey (CVN, 2022)

Vanier Forest Garry Oaks Restoration and Stewardship Pilot Project (CVN, 2021)

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