Wintergreens etc.

Catching up with communications in the Botany Group during July. This is from an email from Jocie to the group on July 18.

Here is a message from Gary and Katy with some plants of interest:

Below are photos of wintergreens and allies at the back of the woodlot Katy and I have on Forbidden. Thanks to Al Hopwood for his photos.

Pinesap (Hypopitys monotropa)

I think of these plants as being grouped into:

CHLOROPHYTES: Pink wintergreen (Pyrola asarifola) and white-veined wintergreen (P. picta)

SAPROPHYTES: Pinesap (Hypopitys monotropa) and Indian-pipe (Monotropa uniflora)

PARASITES: Leafless wintergreen (P. aphylla). This is blue-listed. It indirectly parasitizes Douglas fir through mycorrhizal fungi.

In addition there were other saprophytes, including gnome plant, pinedrops, and western coralroot. I have never seen such numbers of these leafless flowers before. Is it the weather? A harbinger of mushrooms to come?

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