Tennant Lake flowers

Catching up with communications in the Botany Group during July. This is from an email from Jocie to the group on July 19.

Last week I was camping with the family at Ralph River (south end of Buttle Lake, in Strathcona Park). Our trip included a hike up to Tennant Lake, a place I hadn’t been before. To get to the trailhead, one has to drive through the mine and then walk along the road for about a kilometre, passing the Arnica Lake/Phillips Ridge and Upper Myra Falls trailheads. The Tennant Lake trail follows an old service road that heads straight uphill over a jumble of rough granite. After about 2 hours of uphill slogging, one reaches the lake and the sublime subalpine landscape. Always worth it!

The chunky granite with a trickle of water was just the right habitat for pink monkeyflower (Erythranthe lewisii) which was abundant. Also, some nice green and bronze mountainbells (Anticlea occidentalis) were blooming.

There were more plants that looked interesting, but family members kept a brisk pace so I couldn’t stop and look at much…but then again, if I got looking at plants I never would have made it! Tennant Lake was lovely and we had some great views of Mt Myra.

Off topic from botany, we also had a nice look at a Pacific tree frog perched on a granite boulder.

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