Upcoming Walk: Saturday, May 12th 2018, Comox Lake Ecological Reserve

Saturday, May 12th, Comox Lake Ecological Reserve

Loys will be leading a tree and moss walk at the Comox Lake Bluffs ecological Reserve.  This reserve features one of the most northern enclaves of Mediterranean ecosystems, with Arbutus, Manzanita and one of only three areas on Vancouver Island where Rocky Mountain Juniper occurs in land and above sea-level.  The area is also noted for its large number of spring flowers. As this is an ecological reserve, we are asked to stay on the established paths. CVN was instrumental in getting this area recognized as a Reserve, so if you are new to the club, come and see what our earlier members have preserved for us.

Dress for the weather, and wear hiking boots with good traction, as some of the paths can be slippery. The 47 ha reserve has small inclines with a maximum elevation change of 140 meters. The links below are to the BC Government page for the Reserve, and our own web site.



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