Upcoming Walk: Saturday, March 25th. 2017, Bear Creek Park

Saturday 25th March,Car Pool: Bear Creek Park

Mandy and Charlie Vaughan will lead the walk at Bear Creek Park today. There will likely be a few fry streams, and of course the fry will be in the rearing pond. As a member of the Oyster River Salmon Enhancement group, Charlie will have keys to the Hatchery structures, so we can see what’s behind a few locked doors. There is a steep hill down from the parking lot, but Charlie will have a car at the bottom for the return trip up.

Meet at Old Church on Harmston Rd, Courtenay at 9:30 am to car pool or at the Bear Creek Park parking lot off Macaulay Road (off Hamm & the Old Island Highway) by the Yellow gate at 10 am.


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