Guest Speaker: Charly Caproff, ‘Explore Your Watershed with Fraser Riverkeeper’, Sun. Mar. 19, 2017

Comox Valley Nature would like to introduce Charly Caproff. Unique is one way to describe her. Captivated by the mysterious subterranean realm beneath our feet, Charly became an advocate for karst, a scarcely heard of but ecologically important ecosystem in coastal and northern BC. Her campaign to protect karst led to a contract with Sierra Club BC as a Karst Consultant and Event Planner.

Once the ‘face’ of Simon Fraser University’s newest credential, the Bachelor of Environment, Charly is now the Water Literacy Coordinator for Fraser Riverkeeper (FRK), an organization founded by the late Doug Chapman, veteran environmental lawyer for the Sierra Legal Defense Fund (now known as Ecojustice). FRK is a registered Canadian charity that uses law, research, citizen engagement and digital media to protect a swimmable, drinkable, fishable future Charly’s resolve to protect water developed in the passageways she once explored, carved by the raw power of water over millennia.

Watching surface water seemingly disappear into the face of a mountainside made her realize that all natural systems are inherently connected and should be managed using an ecosystem-based approach. Her goal is to create water literate hubs throughout BC of people who share a sense of pride and obligation to protect their waterbodies.

For Charly’s presentation, she poses 3 questions: Where does water go when I flush the toilet? Where does my drinking water come from? Is my favourite beach safe for swimming? These questions and more will be addressed during her interactive presentations crafted to the specific interests and concerns of community members. Charly provides communities with the localized knowledge and digital tools in order to help answer our important water questions, while creating the next generation of water leaders.

This lecture, entitled: “Explore Your Watershed with Fraser Riverkeeper” will take place at the Florence Filberg Seniors Centre at 7 pm (sharp) March 19, 2017.

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