Upcoming Walk: Saturday, March 10th 2018, Macy Woodlot Walk Mt. Washington

Saturday March 10th, Macy Woodlot Walk Mt. Washington

Fred Newhouse spoke at our AGM in February, and we are fortunate to have him leading a walk through the Harold Macy Woodlot today. Fred has spent most of his life in the woods in various roles with the forest service, consulting, and managing a crown woodlot. The visit will showcase the sustainable logging practices that are used on the Harold Macy Woodlot. Bring binoculars, water and a snack.
The walk is shady and under trees and may be cool even on a warm day.  We have encountered Elk, Bear and Island Deer, but we can always expect 6 to 8 bird species and various species of slugs. The forest is 80 to 100 year old Coastal Western Hemlock Drier Maritime Zone.  The trip is moderately difficult, but mostly on dirt and gravel roads with a 7 to 15 % slope.  The holder of the woodlot license is Harold Macy, who has written an autobiography “The Four Storey Forest”.

We will meet by the old church on Harmston Road in Courtenay at 9:30, and car pool to the woodlot which is located off the Mt. Washington Parkway.



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