Upcoming Botany Group Meeting November 2018

Upcoming Botany group Meeting

First of all, our next Gathering will be on Monday November. The forecast at this point seems to call for showers.  However, we will have a walk around our woods first to see the latest crop of fungi.  This year has been good for a whole lot of species that did not even make an appearance in the past two years.  We can talk about Mushroom Identification and then for lunch there will be mushroom soup -with amongst other ingredients Russula xerampelina, which were abundant a couple of weeks ago and easy to identify (for once) using the characteristic features listed in  Siegal & Schwarz, Mushrooms of the Redwood Coast (which includes many species that are to be found all the way up to our coast).

Russula xerampelina: key characteristics
·         cap colour variable, mostly purple to reddish brown
·         gills creamy when young, yellowish to ochre with age
·         stipe creamy, often blushed with pink tones
·         stipe staining slowly yellow then brown when scratched or even handled
·         stipe has firm exterior and pithy core
·         taste mild  ( many russulas are very bitter – test on the tip of your tongue)
·         odour slightly fishy or like shrimp ( more obvious in older specimens)

The attached photo should illustrate the stipe staining slowly yellow when scratched.  When cooked the red of the cap turned the whole flesh pink ( another reason for the common name shrimp russula?)

It would be appreciated if you let me know that you are coming, to give me a rough idea of numbers for soup , coffee and tea.

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