Botany Outing Report: Paradise Meadows, Oct 15th, 2018

Report on October 15th walk 

For those who missed the report at our last general CVN meeting, for the October 15th gathering we had a glorious day to meander around the Paradise Meadows loops, collecting the SWI plant signs to store for the winter. In fact it was Frank N. who collected most of them while the rest of us enjoyed the fall colours of the vaccinia  etc. and investigated a number of interesting fungi.  There were still lots of berries on the bog and dwarf blueberries, and so it was not surprising to learn that one of our group who went up earlier saw wet imprints of bear paws on the boardwalk.  By the time we walked around the Boardwalk was dry. Among the fungi, Ruth identified a new bracket polypore for the Paradise Meadows list, namely Porodaedalea pini, on the trunk of a still living abies species. It is one of the species that causes white-rot in heartwood. We found a number of different species of Cortinarius – the one in the photo taken by Sharon is  Cortinarius phoenicius var. occidentalis, commonly called western red dye since the rich burgundy of both cap and gills is much prized by those who use fungi for dyeing.

Then we shared lunch with the Canada jays on the picnic table outside the Wilderness Centre.

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