Read about TOTY 2023 nominees, then visit them and vote

Read about them

The nomination period for Tree of the Year 2023 ended on March 15, and the voting period begins April 1. See photos and descriptions of the nominated trees here.

(Photo is of Cathy Storey, originator of the contest, visiting our first Tree of the Year in 2018.)

Visit them

All the 27 nominated trees have interest and value. We invite everybody to go out and enjoy these trees as part of their nature activities this season.

The descriptions on our nominees page give location details. Even better will be the maps and suggested touring routes that are in the last stages of preparation. Watch for the blog post coming soon that will provide links to the tour maps.

Please respect private property boundaries and owner privacy by viewing the trees from public land unless otherwise invited in.

Vote for one

You can help decide the winner of the Tree of the Year contest by voting for your favourite. You may already know the one you favour, or you may want to visit at least some of them first.

Go to our voting page here.

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