Guide to lichens of Strathcona Park published

Loys Maingon’s lichen field guide for Strathcona Park is now available! Loys is a Registered Professional Biologist (retired) and the research director of Strathcona Wilderness Institute (SWI). He is also a former president of Comox Valley Nature.

Field Guide to Basic Lichens of Strathcona Provincial Park
by Loys Maingon

Year: 2023
Format: paperback, 132 pages, full colour on 100 lb gloss paper
Dimensions: 8.25 x 4.5 inches
Price: $30

To order a copy, contact SWI by email:

This is the second in SWI’s series of Naturalist Field Guides to Strathcona Provincial Park. It is intended to help all levels of user to identify over a third of the lichens currently catalogued in Strathcona Provincial Park. 101 lichens are illustrated through high quality photographs together with indication of size, shape, environment and other distinctive features for easy identification. Similar looking species are also noted. The text also includes a list of the 274 taxa of lichens confirmed to date for Strathcona Provincial Park.

Here are two sample pages and the back cover:

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