Rare lichen

Note by Alison M. to the Botany Group, distributed by Jocie on October 2.

Sticta limbata

This is a lichen Loys found on the aging fibreglass “window” on our garage, about 100 feet from the house. Amazing what is right under our noses. [Click photo to enlarge.]

Global Status “Vulnerable” G3G4; Canada “N3N4”;  BC “S3S4”.

Sticta limbata is rare in the Appalachians, and it is rare from the Californian Santa Cruz Mountains northward into Oregon in the North Coast Ranges. Additionally, this foliose lichen is known from Alaska southward and rarely inland to British Columbia. The species also occurs in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. The lichen grows on bark (on beech trees – Fagus sp. – in the high elevations of the Appalachians) or over mosses on trees.

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