Miracle Beach part 1: Fungi

From an email by Jocie to the Botany Group on November 13. Click a photo to enlarge it.

We saw a wealth of things at Miracle Beach Park on November 7. Here’s Part 1, the fungi (mosses are coming up later). One of the most fun was Bondarzew’s polypore—as we circled an old snag they progressed from small to large! Thankfully, Alison & Loys were along to help out with identification.

  1. Bondarzew’s polypore (Bondarzewia occidentalis)
  1. Jelly rot/trembling phlebia (Merulius tremellosus)
  1. Orange chrysomphalina (Chrysomphalina aurantiaca)
  1. Sulfur tuft (Hypholoma fasciculare)
  1. Northern red belt (Fomitopsis mounceae)
  1. Turkey tail (Tremetes versicolor)
  1. Dyer’s polypore (Phaeolus schweinitzii)
  1. Veiled polypore (Cryptoporus volvatus)
  1. Circling a snag to look at Bondarzewia
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