Magical fungi!

From an email by Jocie distributed to the Botany Group on November 12. Click a photo to enlarge it.

Some fungi are appearing, though so scarce compared to a “typical year”—whatever that is! Here are a few photos sent in by Douglas P. and Kim D.

  1. The classic fly agaric (Amanita muscaria) from Douglas’s yard in east Courtenay. One of the most iconic mushrooms, with good reason!
  1. Rounded earth stars (Geastrum saccatum). This is truly one of the strangest fungi around…it looks like a miniature plastic rocket launcher. Kim found these on a walk to the Morrison Creek Headwaters with the CV Land Trust. We’ll explore this area with the botany group sometime.
  1. The fir-cone mushroom (Strobilurus trullisatus) is turning up everywhere right now, look out for it on Douglas-fir cones.
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