Botany Outing Report: Paradise Meadows, Oct. 3,2016

On our October monthly gathering (Oct 3rd) nine of us toured the Paradise Meadows and Centennial Loop to collect all the SWI plant signs for winter storage. It was a bitterly cold day, but we were fortified by the late blueberries , in addition to the black crowberries (Empetrum nigrum ) and the delicious red berries of the five-leafed bramble (Rubus lasiococcus), all sweetened by a touch of frost. In spite of the heavy cloud cover, the brilliant reds and pinks of the various species of Vaccinum as well as the golds of the grasses, sedges and rhododendrons presented some splendid fall vistas. We noted the presence of several exotic “weeds” along the pathways and one member of the Apiaceae proved tricky to identify – perhaps one of the angelicas – (Angelica genuflexa or A. arguta)? or else as, Helen suggested, it might be goutweed Aegopodium podagraria, which is an invasive that would have come in with the materials used for the paths.

Mushrooms on the mountain have been somewhat soggy as a result of all the rain and sub-zero temperatures. However, of interest will be the upcoming visit of mycologist Kem Luther who will deliver a talk to the CV Horticultural Society on October 17th at approx. 7.45 pm ( after the Society’s AGM). The presentation entitled “ What does it MEAN? Mycorrhizas, Mushrooms and Plants” will take place in the upper hall of the Florence Filberg Centre. Charge for non-members $5.

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The next Botany Group gathering will be on Monday November 14th at 6069 Tsolum River Road, for a mushroom identification foray and mushroom soup for lunch. Precise time to be announced closer to the date.

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