Link to: Slideshow – Limits to Growth by Neil Dawe May 2016

Ever since the publication of “Limits to Growth”  in 1972 it has been obvious to practicing scientists that environmental conservation was unsustainable if the problems posed by classical economics of endless growth was not simultaneously addressed. Limits to Growth advocated  that the world should shift to the steady state economic economic model proposed by World Bank economist, Herman Daly. 45 years of experience have confirmed the robustness of “Limits to Growth”  “forecasts.”  The 45-year data show that we have adopted the “Business-as-usual” (do nothing) scenario. Nevertheless, conservation-oriented organizations have been reticent to adopt resolutions to question endless growth economics and advocate for a shift.  Over the past 20 years Neil Dawe and The Qualicum Institute, have been in the forefront of this advocacy.  This excellent lecture reviews the principles of steady state economics and its importance for environmental conservation, and the 20 year experience.
Notes on the slideshow start at page 97.
Loys Maingon
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