Bird sighting – Wilson’s Snipe

Mark and Pat W. recently contacted the Birding Group when a pair of unusual (at least to most of us) birds was spending time feeding in their back yard for about a week. From the mobile phone photos provided, several members helped identify the birds as Wilson’s Snipe, which the CVN bird checklist informs us is “fairly common” in late September.

CVN member and professional photographer Bruce Moffat took up Mark and Pat’s invitation to come and see the birds. Luckily they were still present, and Bruce soon shared these photos with the group [click a photo to enlarge it].

Bruce was particularly keen to see these birds because he (and some others) had set himself the challenge of photographing 150 bird species on Vancouver Island in the 2020 calendar year. Although he had already exceeded that goal (!), he had upped the target to 165 species to keep the challenge going.

After enjoying these Snipe photos, head over to Bruce’s website to see the rest of his challenge birds at Awesome!

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