Upcoming Walk: Saturday June 10th 2017, Lower Morrison Creek- Puntledge River

Saturday. June 10 Lower Morrison Creek- Puntledge River

Steph Nathan will lead you on a walk through  the lower reaches of Morrison Creek today. No car- pooling is required as you can park on Lake Trail Road, near the Lake Trail School’s ball field. You will visit the Roy Stewart Morrison Nature Park, then cross over to continue Malcolm Morrison/First Street Park. After a short walk along quiet residential streets, you will enter Ruth Masters Greenway, and follow the Puntledge River downstream to Bear James Park.  We will have a few cars are parked on Robert Lang Drive to take the drivers back to their cars on Lake Trail Road. Those who wish to, can continue down Robert Lang Drive to Puntledge Park for pickup at the main entrance to Puntledge Park, near the  restrooms on 1st Street.  .


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