Tree of the Year 2023 is coming

Contributed by Karen Cummins, leader of the Tree of the Year team. Click a photo to enlarge it.

Meet the tree-checking crew for Tree of the Year 2023

Left to right: Isabella, Barbara, Kathie, Katrice, Carol, Tryna and Fred

We had our first workshop for CVN members who will help check the trees nominated for the upcoming Tree of the Year event. We met on a beautiful mid-December afternoon in Filberg Park in Comox to learn how to measure tree height and diameter, consider tree identification, and describe the location including the GPS coordinates.

This was a first CVN outing for Katrice Baur who is the Comox Valley Youth Coordinator for the Invasive Species Council of BC. We are looking forward to Katrice and her youth helping us with Tree of the Year as well as engaging in birding, botany and wetland group outings.

We were also very fortunate to be joined in our workshop by Tryna McLean, the charge-hand for Filberg Park. Serendipitously, we had already decided to use “Frankie,” the red oak in Filberg Park that Tryna nominated for Tree of the Year in 2022, as a tree to illustrate measuring techniques. Tryna shared more of “Frankie’s” history and was able to identify and tell stories of many of the park trees.

Frankie’s diameter being measured by Fred while Isabella, Katrice and Kathie watch.

We are really pleased that at least three of our group are also interested in testing and helping Roger Chayer to create the cycle maps for 2023.

Nominations for the 2023 Tree of the Year event will be open from January 15 to March 15. Watch for further blog posts as the event progresses.

Look up, look way up and find your favourite tree to honour.

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