Tour the nominees for Tree of the Year 2022

Last year’s winner – a western yew in Cumberland Forest

The nomination period for CVN’s 2022 Tree of the Year contest ended on April 1. The voting period is now open and runs until June 1.

We encourage everybody to go out and experience these beautiful and important trees first-hand. See the post with descriptions and photos of all the 2022 nominees.

Be sure to come back to vote for your favourite tree. Watch for a subsequent blog post for access to the voting form. Or if you’re ready to vote now, you can go directly to the voting page.

Maps of tree locations

We have a lot of nominees (36), so we have organized them into 10 suggested tours to facilitate visiting them efficiently.

Use these online maps at the Plot a Route website to find all the nominees.

We are very grateful this year to Roger Chayer for all his work in preparing these maps.

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