The marten and the woodpecker

Nancy St. Hilaire recently related this experience to the Birding Group.

On April 12 I was doing my usual route near and through the Millard Creek Nature Park.  I check on the progress of two Pileated Woodpecker nest cavities. Captain Peckhard’s cavity is now big enough for him/her to be working on it from the inside. 

On my way along the tracks I heard a Downy Woodpecker making a fuss and thought I might see an owl, but came upon a marten about 25 feet up and the Downy Woodpecker very unhappy about it.

(April 28 – Update on the Pileated Woodpecker nest cavity:  The cavity is complete and there appears to be a pair taking turns on the nest.  The second nest cavity was never finished.)

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