Strathcona Park lichen project – update

From an email by Jocie to the Botany Group on September 2.

Here’s an update from Randal M. on the Strathcona Park lichen project. I highly recommend checking out the link…a whole gallery of beautiful, diverse lichens!

Randal’s notes

The summer Strathcona Park Lichen project is coming to a close. Powered mainly by Loys Maingon and Dan Tucker, we kicked up 151 species of lichens in the park. Here are photos and credits of the most intriguing amongst them. [Click photos to enlarge.]

  1. Blue-listed Wahlenberg’s goblin lights lichen/Tundra lemon (Catolechia wahlenbergii) from the Elk River area by Loys Maingon.
  1. Chocolate chip lichen (Solarina crocea), a limestone lover from Marble Meadows. Photo by Brian Starzomski.
  1. Yellow specklebelly (Pseudocyphellaria citrina) from the trees along Buttle Lake. 
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