Slime mould photo gallery

From an email by Jocie to the Botany Group on September 19.

Slime mould continues to fascinate…the video clips sent recently by Joy inspired me to put together a few photos of local slimes. [Click a photo to enlarge it.]

Thanks to Jan S. for the photo of wolf’s milk slime, and Sharon N. for the dog’s vomit slime.

If any of you come across an interesting slime mould in your travels (usually in moist, deep woods, but sometimes in unexpected places), send me a photo and I’ll add it to the collection.

*If any of these are misidentified, speak up!

  1. Wolf’s milk (Lycogala epidendrum), Seal Bay Park (Jan S. photo)

2. Insect-egg slime (Leocarpus fragilis), Miracle Beach Park

  1. Black pearl slime (Lindbladia tubulina), Elk River Trail, Strathcona Park
  1. Carnival candy slime (Arcyria denudata), Miracle Beach Park
  1. Dog’s vomit slime (Fuligo septica), Sharon’s backyard (Sharon N. photo)
  1. Dog’s vomit slime (Fuligo septica) another example, from near Croteau Lake in Strathcona Park
  1. Salmon eggs (Trichia decipiens)?? Not sure of the ID for this one, Crest Mt. trail, Strathcona Park
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