Recording available for Lynne Quarmby talk

CVN’s guest speaker on April 18 via webinar was Dr. Lynne Quarmby whose topic was Watermelon Snow – Science, Art, and a Lone Polar Bear. This is also the title of her recently published memoir, a moving account of her sometimes dispiriting journey from molecular biologist to climate activist to candidate for federal parliament, and how she found balance again through an arctic expedition.

For more information about this talk, see the announcement in our earlier post.

If you missed this event or would like to see it again, the recording is now available here. To access it you will need to provide your name and email address.

Note: Due to technical difficulties, the workaround to get video from Dr. Quarmby resulted in the recording starting before the presentation started, and this could not be edited out. Skip the first 8 minutes of the recording to get to the start of the presentation.

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