Plants & blooms from the wet west coast

From an email by Jocie to the Botany Group on March 28.

I was over in Ucluelet from March 20-23 with my family, which coincided with 3 days of pelting monsoon rain alternating with drenching misty rain. Anyway, it was still lovely with all the shades of grey and lots of thriving, happy rainforest plants.

Here are a few botanicals for you [click a photo to enlarge it]:

  1. Redstem springbeauty (Claytonia rubra). I’ve never seen the leaves of this Claytonia capture the rain droplets like this, but it was a neat effect! (Wickaninnish dunes)
  1. Seedlings of sea rocket (probably Cakile edentula) rocketing up from the skeletons of the old plants (Wickaninnish dunes).
  1. Evergreen huckleberry (Vaccinium ovatum). There is lot of this hardy huckleberry on the west coast. I found a few in bloom near Amphitrite Point.
  1. California wax myrtle (Morella californica). Bushels of this grow in the Amphitrite Point area, which gives this area an exotic feel.
  1. and 6. Leathery polypody fern (Polypody scouleri). Another plant that loves the hyper-maritime climate, that we don’t have on our side of the island. Note the broad rounded tips of the fronds. Often grows as an epiphyte on Sitka spruce. (Incinerator rock, Long Beach)
  1. Tracy’s mist maiden (Romanzoffia tracyi). There is lots of this growing on Incinerator Rock. It was just coming into bud.
  1. A couple of umbrella-topped kids (Homo sapiens var. umbellifera). More common on the wetter west coast of Vancouver Island.
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