Paradise Meadows: Winter to summer in 3 weeks

From an email by Jocie to the Botany Group on July 12, with photos from Alison M.

Despite being laid up with a broken wrist and having to type with one hand, Alison has come through with some colourful photos for us of a succession of blooms from Paradise Meadows and area. The hot weather has accelerated the transition from winter to summer, in just a few short weeks!

[Click a photo to enlarge it.]

  1. Western bog laurel (Kalmia microphylla)
  1. Fern-leaved goldthread (Coptis asplenifolia)
  1. Globe flower (Trollius laxus)
  1. Avalanche lily (Erythronium grandiflorum). These are found on the knoll above Croteau Lake (a bit out of focus due to strong wind).
  1. Jeffrey’s shooting star (Dodecatheon jeffreyi)
  1. Utah honeysuckle (Lonicera utahensis). An uncommon honeysuckle in our area with twinned creamy-white blooms, photographed here along the trail to McKenzie Lake.
  1. Black twinberry (Lonicera involucrata). A more common shrub honeysuckle species, with twinned yellow blooms.
  1. Green bog orchid (Platanthera stricta)
  1. Rosy twistedstalk (Streptopus roseus)
  1. Meadows view June 18…note the snow!
  1. Meadows view June 28
  1. Battleship Lake view June 18
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