More notes on fungi and slime moulds

From an email by Jocie to the Botany Group on October 14.

A few things:

Here is a link from Mandy for an article in the Guardian that explains the importance of fungi.

Alison has provided us with an excellent handout which outlines the different types of fungi. If you are new to fungi this is a great reference (available to CVN members – contact Jocie).

And a few photos [click photo to enlarge]…

  1. From Alison’s yard: a baby amanita that looks like an egg about to hatch!
  1. Kyle F. sent in a strange slime mould (shades of white, pink and black) from Kitty Coleman Park. Loys has done some detective work on this photo, which looks like it might be Stemonitopsis typhina. Another slime to add to the Botany Group photo collection!
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