More estuary blooms!

From an email by Jocie B. to members of the Botany Group on May 30.

John B. sent in these great photos of more outstanding estuary blooms. I’m not sure if these are blooming yet so if you want to go looking you might want to wait for a while. Note that the traveler’s joy (Clematis vitalba), though pretty, is an introduced species. Here are John’s notes on where you can find them:

There is a lot of Henderson’s checker-mallow in  front of the Rotary lookout. Easiest access is down through the vegetation at the right  corner of the lookout, but left corner has some good plants too.

The traveler’s joy is right by the roadside path at the corner where Lewis park sort of becomes Headquarters R0ad.

The beggarticks (including the rare Vancouver Island version) is down in the still-tidal, very muddy, very grown over, estuary, behind Lewis Park. It also grows at Woodhus Slough.

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