Learn about Strathcona species of conservation concern

The following free online lecture presented by the Strathcona Wilderness Institute (SWI) will be of interest to CVN members and others:

Title: Species of Conservation Concern in Strathcona Provincial Park
Speaker: Jack Bindernagel
Date: Saturday September 3, 2022
Time: 7:00 p.m. PDT

This webinar is facilitated by the Canadian Society of Environmental Biologists and is open to the public (see the registration link below).

Common Nighthawk (Photo: Jack Bindernagel)

Strathcona Provincial Park occupies a large part of Central Vancouver Island and encompasses a wide variety of ecosystems ranging from above treeline down to low-lying riparian and coastal areas. This diversity in landscapes and vegetation is responsible for the impressive number of species recorded in the park. Due to the park’s large size, many of the ecosystems found within it are comparatively intact. Given the park’s high diversity of habitats and large areas of relatively unmodified terrain, it is not surprising that many species which are globally or locally of conservation concern are found within the park.

This presentation aims to showcase a few of these imperilled species which utilize the habitats found in the park, and explore the significance of the park as it relates to their conservation. Some species discussed will include Donn’s small limestone moss (Seligeria donniana), Black Swift (Cypseloides niger), Common Nighthawk (Chordeiles minor), oldgrowth speckleberry lichen (Pseudocyphellaria rainierensis), Sticta weigelii (a foliose lichen), Salish daisy (Erigeron salishii), and cliff dwarf-primrose (Douglasia laevigata).

About the speaker

Jack Bindernagel is a student who worked for SWI during the summer of 2022. After his stint at SWI he resumes his studies at the University of Victoria. Jack has also been very active as a volunteer with CVN’s Wetlands Restoration Group, particularly at Courtenay Airpark.


“Seating capacity” for the talk is limited, and you need to register in advance. You can check the computer requirements for attendees here.

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