CSEB Spring Webinar Schedule

You are invited to attend (virtually) any of the webinars listed below, sponsored by the Canadian Society of Environmental Biologists and (in part) by Comox Valley Nature. These are free events, but “seating capacity” is limited, and advance registration is required — use the links in the tables below or watch for subsequent posts for individual events which will also provide the link and more details.

In addition to the talks throughout the season, there is a special series associated with the Lazo Herring Workshop which we list first. The main schedule, which starts on February 21, follows this.

All times are Pacific Time.

Lazo Herring Workshop presentations

Monday Feb. 2210:00 amSalish Sea herring 101: biology, human use, status and managementDr. John NeilsonRegister
Tuesday Feb. 2310:00 amThe legal protection of forage fish beachesEllen Campbell, Megan Buchanan and Calvin Sandborn QCRegister
Wednesday Feb. 2410:00 amAssessing seabird ecological correlates to inform conservationDr. Ignacio VilchisRegister
Thursday Feb. 2510:00 amRebuilding fisheries: unlocking Canada’s potential for abundant oceansDr. Robert RangeleyRegister
Friday Feb. 2610:00 amSalish Sea herring archaeologyDr. Iaian McKechnieRegister

Main schedule

Sunday Feb. 217:00 pmGenetic risks of hatchery enhancement for Pacific salmonDr. Carrie HoltRegister
Tuesday Mar. 910:00 am6-PPD Quinone: A Ubiquitous Tire-Rubber Chemical Induces Acute Mortality in Coho SalmonDr. Zhenyu TianRegister
Tuesday Mar. 1610:00 amHas Ontario abandoned integrated watershed planning?Dr. Anne Bell and Dr. Anastasia LintnerRegister
Sunday Mar. 217:00 pmThe Pacific Salmon Explorer: a novel tool for mobilizing data on salmon and their habitatsEric HertzRegister
Wednesday Mar. 247:00 pmOrchid pollinators of Strathcona ParkDr. Jasmine Jane and Genevieve van der VoortRegister
Tuesday Apr. 610:00 amImpacts of forest harvesting on the supply of bear dens in coastal BCHelen DavisRegister
Wednesday Apr. 1412:00 noonIndigenous systems of management for culturally and ecologically resilient Pacific salmonWill Atlas, Spencer Greening and Dr. Andrea J. Reid.Register
Thursday Apr. 1510:00 amThe Mount Polley mine disaster: an ecotoxicological perspectiveDr. Greg PyleRegister
Sunday Apr. 187:00 pmWatermelon snow: science, art and a lone polar bearDr. Lynne QuarmbyRegister
Tuesday Apr. 2010:00 amIncorporating ecosystem services into conservation planning in CanadaDr. Matthew MitchellRegister
Sunday May 97:00 pmCitizen science engagement in surveys of bryophytes and lichens in Strathcona Provincial ParkDan TuckerRegister
Wednesday May 2610:00 amPreliminary Assessment of the Ectomycorrhizal Fungi of Quercus garryana on Vancouver IslandDr. Shannon BerchRegister

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