Colourful coral fungus!

From an email by Jocie to the Botany Group on November 24. Click a photo to enlarge it.

Here are photos of a lovely red/pink coral fungus that I think you will all enjoy. The below message and photos are from Sandra P.

I am a volunteer and key contact for the Roy Creek Salmonid Enhancement Society. I came across this fungus this morning while at our fish hatchery for Roy Creek. This fungus was near the water source by the spring. Can you tell me what it is — very pretty. First I thought it was a pom pom on the ground but with a stick I poked gently and broke 2 pieces, realizing that it’s a fungus. Is it rare? poisonous?

This is a coral fungus in the genus Ramaria. There are a few species it could be…hard to determine without microscopic work and chemical tests according to Alison M. Could be R. araiospora or R. stunzii. Not toxic, but not a desired edible. Less common than the beige and yellow ramarias.

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