Camas and candystick

From an email by Jocie to the Botany Group on June 9.

A few notes from our [Botany Group] members [click a photo to enlarge it]:

  1. Kate reported that there is some nice candystick (Allotropa virgata) emerging at Nymph Falls Park.
  1. Some notes from Joy about the camas bloom visible from the Dyke Road (with a close-up photo of camas from the estuary taken last year):

“A most wondrous sight greeted me this afternoon whilst driving along the Dyke Road.

In the mid-distance, between the river and the road, I spotted a large spread of beautiful blue that could have been low areas of water. I parked my vehicle, and with my binoculars I was thrilled to see that it was a largish display of camas (Camassia quamash) happily and generously blooming like a grand dame staging a comeback. Oh, so beautiful! There were the usual suspects in amongst the camasĀ  and more so in the perimeter. The only one I can remember offhand is the orange of the castilleja, but there were more.

It was thrilling to see it bloom in such abundance after the heartbreak of losing the Kye Bay Road displays. ItĀ  would be wonderful to be able to see it from much closer, but my guess is that it is in some very boggy ground.

Too exciting! I hope others can stop by for a ‘gander’. I parked safely at the wide pavement by the Kus Kus Sum fence.”

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