Botany Outing Report: Seal Bay Sept 9th 2019

At our last gathering at Seal Bay on September 9th we were not disappointed in the array of botanical forms : flowers in still bloom, including the musk-flower- Erythranthre moschata ( yellow monkey flower with slimy leaves) and the abhorred purple loosestrife, Lythrum salicaria!; many plants with their seedheads;  a variety of fungi including the dying Russula nigricans parasitized by Asterophoros  lycoperdoides,  then colonized by a blue mold.  The highlight was Randal’s pointing out baby ferns – the tiny heart-shaped new sporophytes on the shaded underside of logs beside the trail (which of course challenged the focus settings of my camera).

Our next gathering will be on Monday October 7th, at Paradise Meadows in Strathcona Park to see all the vaccinia and other shrubs in their splendid fall colours.  We will also in the course of touring the meadows collect the SWI Plant signs in advance of the winter snows.  Confirmation of the time for carpooling from the foot of the mountain will be circulated later.


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