BC Nature eNews June 2018

Upcoming Events
  • Hope Mountain – Manning Park Bird Blitz – June 15 – 17, 2018 – Email for more info.
  • FGM 2018: Kelowna – Hosted by Central Okanagan Naturalists Club – September 20 – 22, 2018 – Registration and more info
  • Harrison Hot Springs – Harrison Eagle Field Camp – November 20 – 25, 2018 – More info below
Harrison Hot Springs “Eagle” Field Camp Registration
Harrison Eagle & Salmon Camp – Registration has commenced via telephone (604 985 3057) or email. There are some spots left in this camp running from November 20-25, 2018. Organized by the Chilliwack Naturalists, this camp is “chock-a-block” full of Natural History in the beautiful area of Harrison Hot Springs. Where the sun always shines!! (Yes even in November)

If you wish to register via email, please include your full name and telephone. If you are registering other people, please include their details as well. A registration form and fact sheet on this wonderful camp will be emailed to you.

Issue 66
Date June 2018
BCnature Summer Magazine available now online for members only.
Please email if you wish to change from Canada Post Mail to the electronic version for future issues. Physical magazines are due to your mailboxes soon.
Park Enhancement Fund Grant proposals now being accepted
To All BC Nature Clubs: Proposals are now being accepted for Park Enhancement grants up to $5000.00. Many of you have projects that you would like to do in your local BC Parks.

Funding Criteria
•Maximum funding request is $5,000 per project.
•Projects must be completed and reported on by March 31, 2019.

The following types of volunteer projects are eligible for funding:
•Conservation initiatives
◦e.g. invasive species removal
◦e.g. ecological monitoring
◦e.g. shoreline cleanups

•Recreation initiatives
◦e.g. purchasing adaptive recreation equipment (e.g. TrailRider)
◦e.g. construction of small park facilities (e.g. docks, boardwalks)
◦e.g. interpretive programs and signs

•Community Events
◦e.g. Celebrating Parks Day
◦e.g. Hosting a Bioblitz

All applicants will be reviewed by BC Parks staff and successful applicants will be notified by June 30, 2018. To apply, please fill out the application form and submit to BCParks.Volunteers@gov.bc.ca.

Take part in the Great Canadian Bumble Bee Count
Take part in Friends of the Earth’s Great Canadian Bumble Bee Count from July to August, 2018. Our downloadable Bumble Bee Census Card for Eastern or Western Canada will get you off to a buzzing start.

Just like governments need a census to know what’s happening with its citizens, as well as their homes, families and jobs, we think bumble bees need their own census. Not enough is known about wild, native bees in Canada, and what scientists do know is worrying. By taking part, you’ll learn about over 40 species of Canada’s bumble bees and ways you can help them.

Record your bee observations here. Or if you prefer to do observations on other critters

Kinder Morgan Pipeline: Updates and Opinions
Here is everything you need to know about Ottawa’s plan to (maybe) buy the Kinder Morgan pipeline: After months of trade wars, threats and backroom wrangling, Finance Minister Bill Morneau on Tuesday announced the government’s plan to get the Kinder Morgan pipeline built. Continue Reading

John Horgan: ‘It doesn’t matter who owns the Kinder Morgan pipeline, the risks remain’: “We will continue to fight for B.C.’s interests and stand up for our people, our province, and our future”, writes the B.C. premier. Continue Reading

Edmonton’s blue-collar workers cautiously hopeful over pipeline progress: “It’s good to see there is something positive coming down the road”. Continue Reading

NatureKids BC is Hiring
From NatureKids BC:

We are seeking an experienced fund development specialist to join our team for the next year. This contract position is part-time (22.5 hrs/week) and is home-based in BC.

The application deadline is June 11, 2018.

For more details and how to apply, visit charityvillage.com

Current Issues with BC’s Caribou
Damaging audit of fossil fuel fracking in northern B.C. surfaces after 4 years: The report about caribou protection was sent anonymously to the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives. Continue Reading

From the Outdoor Recreation Council:

Provincial Caribou Recovery Program
The federal government is initiating conservation efforts for caribou under the authority of the federal Species at Risk Act, and the Province is expected to reduce threats to caribou herds and their critical habitat. As a result, the provincial government is developing its Caribou Recovery Program, which is intended to be a long-term commitment that will include all BC caribou herds. In November 2017, the provincial government and the Government of Canada published a draft Section 11 Agreement, to articulate actions both parties will take over the next five years to support recovery of self-sustaining populations of the Southern Mountain Caribou in BC. To participate in the discussion, visit engage.gov.bc.ca/caribou or email caribou.recovery@gov.bc.ca.

38th Annual BC Rivers Day: September 23, 2018
From the Outdoor Recreation Council:

Join us in celebrating BC Rivers Day on September 23, falling on the fourth Sunday in September and coinciding with World Rivers Day. Please let us know about activities and events you may organize, and register your event online to spread the word.

This issue is as important as ever. In March 2018, the Outdoor Recreation Council released its 2018 endangered rivers list. Steelhead-bearing rivers along with “Heart of the Fraser” are among BC’s endangered rivers. Other threatened waterways listed include the Fraser, Thompson, Chilcotin, Gold, Seymour, Cowichan, Peace and Kettle rivers.

Counting Down to Vancouver Congress and Festival
With less than three months to go, momentum for the 27th International Ornithological Congress is ramping up. The Congress will take place in Vancouver from August 19-26, 2018. Early indications suggest that this enriching learning experience will be extremely well attended.

The Vancouver International Bird Festival will be taking place at the same time, featuring a range of events, walks, presentations, and more. Check out the Festival website for full details.

Interesting Links
Curious swan thinks Global News camera is for the birds: Video

Goose attacks US soldiers in hilarious video – Daily Mail: Video

Wildlife Habitat Features – Guidance Document for Conservation: Link

As wildfire season moves long, stay updated on the current wildfire situation: Link

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