Meet the highly skilled and friendly Leaders and Presenters who are going to make the 2016 BC Nature Conference and AGM an unforgettable weekend.

Mayor Leslie Baird

Gwen Barlee

Dan Bowen

Dan Buffett     Presentation:  Wetlands Resilience

Neil K. Dawe    Presentation: Limits to Growth

Marta Donovan

Andy Everson

Kevin Flesher

Jannice Friedman

Dr Richard Hebda

Krista Kaptein

Jarrett Krentzel

Loys Maingon

Jack Minard

Duncan Morrison            Presentation: Tree Disease in Gardens & Parks

Norma Morton

John Neville

Fred Newhouse

Jim Palmer and Jan Gemmell

Briony Penn

Steven Price

Helen Robinson

Val Schaefer

Jennifer Sutherst

John Tayless

Terry Thormin

Mandy and Charley Vaughan

Last Updated April 15, 2016