2020 CVN Tree of the Year winner announced!

Submitted by Fred N. on behalf of the Tree of the Year committee.

When I heard one of the Tree of the Year nominees was a yellow cedar in Royston I became intrigued. Yellow cedar (Xanthocyparis nootkatensis, formerly Chaemacyparis nootkatensis) on the coastline this far south was rare. They are common at Paradise Meadows but outside their range at Royston. A field visit revealed an 80-year-old tree, 30 metres tall and just a stone’s throw from the beach on Greig Avenue. Karen C. and I were touring many of the nominees, scoring them against the criteria of objective values and subjective values. The yellow cedar was special. [Click photo to enlarge.]

Tree of the Year: Yellow cedar at 3964 Greig Ave., Royston (Photo: Fred Newhouse, 2019)

This tree was nominated by CVN member Judy W. Her description best describes it:

The seedling was collected on Forbidden Plateau by Ted Greig and planted outside their gate, when their son Jim went overseas in WW 2. Ted and Mary Greig ran the Royston Nursery from 1929-1966. The yellow cedar is in the road right of way and Mary protected it for many years from the Dept. of Highways.

This yellow cedar scored highest on subjective value and had only one mark against it objectively based on the crown condition which is probably a result of root damage as the driveway and sidewalk constrict growth. 

For 2020 the CVN Tree of the Year is the Royston Yellow Cedar.

Congratulations Judy!

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