Resources for Vanier Forest Garry Oaks Project

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Comox Valley Nature Documents

GPS Data for Vanier Forest

This is a collection of geo-referenced maps and GIS layers from various sources and times. The 2021 layer data is from a cell-phone based app, and may be updated periodically.

Base Maps


Vanier Garry Oak Tree Survey 2021

Other Vanier Forest Reports

City of Courtenay Documents

Garry Oak Conservation Groups

Garry Oak Ecosystem Recovery Team (GOERT) Documents

GOERT has an extensive library available on all things Garry oak on Vancouver Island, and most are available for downloading. Topics include restoration practices, invasive control and best management practices.

Starting points:

Specific documents:

Other Garry Oak Conservation Areas

Federal and Provincial Legislation and Standards

This is not a comprehensive list of all applicable legislation.

Other Canadian References

U.S. References