Upcoming Walk: Sunday 23rd April 2017, Exhibition Grounds Fawn Lilies Public Walk

Sunday 23rd April, Exhibition Grounds Fawn Lilies Public Walk , 9:30 am

Flooding is nothing new to the Tsolum River, and over the centuries a deep layer of silt and fine soil has been laid down along its lower stretches, before it joins the Puntledge to create the Courtenay River. The result is a fertile and soft bed suitable for tender bulbs like pink and white Fawn lilies, and Trilliums. Their flowers can carpet broad areas. As befits a flood plain, today’s walk is flat and easy, with wide well-identified pathways, which visitors are asked to stay on. The area is about 12-ha in size and is shared by hikers and horseback riders. Alison and Loys will lead todays Public walk. We will meet in Exhibition Grounds Parking Lot, near the Curling Area at 4835 Headquarters. For further details check out our CVNS website information at this link:

Tsolum River Floodplain Trails

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