The 2020 Bird Photo Challenge

From an email by Bruce Moffat distributed to the Birders Group on January 2.

The CVN Photography Group took up the challenge started by Terry Thormin last year to photograph (web worthy vs. just ID shots) as many bird species as we could in the Valley (including much of the Island). This was done as a challenge where we supported one another rather than a competition. This was further picked up by the Comox Valley Photo Club’s nature group. 

With the year at a close I thought you might enjoy seeing the fruits of this labour, particularly with our wet and dull weather for the next while!

Here are a couple (click a photo to enlarge it):

Below is a link to the full collection of my results, which has individual species galleries. Most species have 4-9 shots each covering males, females, juvi’s, flight, etc…or in some cases just one lonely shot. Click on the species name or photo to enter. When in each gallery click on the photo and it will go full screen. Click on the CVN title to go back to the main collection page. View full screen if you can and go BIG as you can to see the detail.

I ended up passing my goal of 150, then 165, and finally hit my last target of 170 not including the Mandarin Duck and the Myrtle variant of the Yellow-rumped Warbler (was hoping the species would split during the year but it did not).  I also had some Pea Hen shots I did not include, considering them much like other domesticated birds. 

Thanks to those of you who helped locate many interesting birds that came into our area. 

Stay safe, get only a little wet, and hopefully I’ll see you out there at a safe distance until we can get back to high fiving!

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