Welcome to our map of nature viewing areas in the Comox Valley. Please scroll down for more information on how to use this map.

On this page, the interactive map allows you to zoom in for more detail or zoom out for context. Markers are clustered as you zoom out.

Click on an icon for a popup balloon which names the nature viewing site. Within the popup balloon, click on the title, to link to a detail page for that site.  You can also choose a site from the drop-down menu above. On the drop-down menu, nature sites are grouped into viewing areas.

We hope you enjoy our nature viewing guide!

Be aware that there may be seasonal or jurisdictional changes to any of the sites. Comox Valley Naturalists Society assumes no responsibility for any damages arising from the use of information on this website or any omissions or errors.

This guide was developed with funding from the Government of Canada under the New Horizons for Seniors Initiative.


  1. Dave.Lacelle says:

    I’ll cheat, and leave the first comment – Looks GREAT.

  2. Mary Murphy says:

    Krista this looks fantastic! Just the type of information that, as a person fairly new to the area, I was looking for. MM

  3. Don Chamberlain says:

    Wow! Awesome! Looks like you are setting the gold standard for a website that takes advantage of what Google offers and serves up what your members need!
    I knew you had it in you to get it configured Krista.

  4. Lynda Fyfe says:

    This is really great, amazing photos and super easy to use. Nice work!

  5. Karin Albert says:

    Wow, well done! Great information and easy to use.

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