Tree of the Year

Nomination for    Tree of the Year

Values of Trees:
Trees have values in many ways.  One way of identifying value is to look at three aspects.  The first is the value of the tree to you, esthetics, spiritual, how it makes you feel.
The second is the cultural value of the tree.  The value of the “we” of the community –  examples are the yew planted by the druids, oak trees planted by the church.
The third is the value of the tree as an object – for shade, habitat (eagle nest), root system or food.

Trees should be chosen from the Native Trees of Vancouver Island list provided below.  You can nominate a single tree, a cluster, a grove or even a small forest.

Garry Oak, Yellow Cedar, Lodgepole Pine, Shore Pine (variation), Western White Pine, Sitka Spruce, Grand Fir, Douglas Fir, Amabalis Fir, Western Hemlock, Western Red Cedar, Mountain Hemlock, Arbutus, Western Yew, Pacific Dogwood, Big Leaf Maple, Douglas Maple, Black Hawthorn, Cascara, Pacific Crab Apple, Bitter Cherry, Red Alder,

Include a photograph if possible.   Does the tree have a story?   Special benefits to the community?   Do you know who the steward is for the tree?

TOTY 2018 Nomination Form

Thank you for participating in this unique way of raising the profile of remarkable trees in the Comox Valley.

– Tree of the Year 2017 ‘Giant Douglas Fir’