Field Trips

Weekend Walks

CVN has a general-interest field trip for members on Saturday or Sunday most weeks of the year to a natural area in the Comox Valley, or occasionally further afield. Depending on the location, these may delve into the plants, birds, other animals, geology, conservation issues, history, or other aspects of the area. Here is the advance schedule of weekend walks for spring 2020.

The information in the advance schedule reflects planning as of the posting date and is subject to change. Always check for the latest information and additional details in the President’s weekly email announcements, in blog posts on this website, or on Facebook.

Usually, one walk per month is also open to the public. These are free, but participants must agree to CVN’s Informed Consent and Assumption of Risk Agreement. These walks are usually publicized in the local newspaper.

Interest Group Field Trips

Several of CVN’s interest groups have specialized field trips for their members. These are detailed in emails from the group leader, and they may also be posted on this website in the following categories: