Upcoming Walk: Sunday July 9th 2017, Trees in Paradise Meadows

Sunday, July 9th,  SWI Walk, Trees in Paradise Meadows

Fred Newhouse will be leading today’s Strathcona Wilderness Institute walk. Paradise Meadows is sub-alpine at around 1,300 meters, and the tree species and growth patterns are sustainably different than their cousins at sea level.  Fred has spent most of his life in the woods in various roles with the forest service, consulting and managing a crown woodlot. Over the years, he has realized that like a vineyard, a forest can grow and mature in response to climate, site, soils and the cultural practice.

Car pool at pull out on Parkway at 9:30 or the SWI Cabin in the Nordic Ski area at 10 am. There is no charge for this walk, but donations to SWI will be accepted. No dogs please.

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