Upcoming Walk: Sunday July, 2nd 2017, Paradise Meadows

Sunday, July 2, 1 pm SWI/CVN Paradise Meadows Early Flowers

This is to announce the opening of the Strathcona Wilderness Institute 2017 Season of Nature Walks at Paradise Meadows. The first one will be held on Sunday July 2nd at 1.00 pm, with Alison in the lead. The snow is gone from the loop trails in Paradise Meadows and there are several plants in bloom, notably Caltha Leptosepala ( white marsh marigold),   Dodecatheon Jeffreyi ( shooting star),  Kalmia microphylla ( western bog-laurel), Viola adunca ( early blue violet) to name a few.  Meet at the Wilderness Centre at 1.00 pm.

There is no charge, but you will be pestered to make a small donation to SWI. $5 to $10 donation suggested. Car pool at pull out on Parkway at 12:30 or at the SWI Cabin in the Nordic ski area at 1 pm. No dogs please.


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