Upcoming Walk: Saturday, May 6th 2017 , Morrison Creek Headwaters

Jan Gemmell and Jim Palmer will be leading today’s walk through the Morrison Creek Headwaters, off Lake Trail Road. You will have the opportunity to see the wetlands created by the geology at the east end of Comox Lake, and by the symbol of Canada; the beaver. The paths wind their way around numerous ponds, marshes and wetlands, and you will be glad that Jan and Jim know their way around the area. This land is owned by Hancock Logging, and CVN thanks them for allowing us access.. This area is home to the Western Brook Lamprey, an at risk species. See the piece from Fish and Oceans Canada in the Conservation section below.

Parking at the trail head is very limited, so you are requested to carpool to reduce the number of cars going. Meet at Old Church on Harmston to car pool; No facilities, and dress for the weather with good boots. For more information check out the Morrison Creek Streamkeepers here:   http://morrisoncreek.org/

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