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Mail Comox Valley Naturalists Society
Box 3222, Courtenay, BC
V9N 5N4




Board of Directors
President Jim Boulter       250-898-8548 
Past President Loys Maingon           250-331-0143
aardscanltd at gmail dot com
Vice-President Jarrett Krentzel
Treasurer Isabella Erni         treasurerCVNS at gmail dot com
Secretary Gabriel Bau 
BC Nature Delegate Sharon Niscak
Wetland Restoration Murray Little
Birding Group Dave Robinson
Botany Group Karin Franzen, Alison Maingon, Joel Kositsky
Conservation Group Loys Maingon    aardscanltd at gmail dot com
Nature Photography Group Terry Thormin   terry.thormin at shaw dot ca
Garry Oak Restoration Group Loys Maingon     aardscanltd at gmail dot com
Membership Maris Ratel    cvnsmembership at gmail dot com
Newsletter Editor Sharon Niscak, David Orford
Newsletter Advertising Kathy Woodley
Field Trips/Walks Joyce Bainbridge
Online Nature Guide Krista Kaptein
Website James Boulter, Isabella Erni, Krista Kaptein
Swan Count Ernie Stefanik ernie dot stefanik at gmail dot com
Krista Kaptein krista dot coordinator at gmail dot com
CVCS Liaison Murray Little
Bursary Michelle Stewart, Kathleen Wilkinson
Families Group / NatureKids BC Jocie Brooks          comox at naturekidsbc dot ca    ynccomox at gmail dot com
Facebook Jillian Jones      cvnaturefacebook at gmail dot com

Membership Fee

$10 – Junior (12 – 18 years)
$15 – Student (registered full-time, 18 – 22 years)
$30 – Single Adult
$40 – Family

Members receive the club newsletter and the BC Nature magazine of BC Nature (Federation of BC Naturalists) as well as invitations to BC Nature camps.

Download the membership form and waiver for the Comox Valley Naturalists Society:

For easy online payment please use Paypal

Single Adult $30


Family $40


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