Botany Outing Report: Puntledge Bog, July 11, 2016

On the last Botany Group Walk, July 11th, to the Puntledge Bog, we were treated to a number of spectacularly large examples of white bog orchid in this luxuriant wetland amid the Labrador tea, sweet gale, bog cranberry ( berries large but not yet ripe), western bog-laurel, giant skunk cabbage and a host of other species.

?Other blooms included marsh cinqfoil and sticky false asphodel, and along the trail Scouler’s harebell.

Betty identified the delicate small-branched horsetail as equisetum fluviatile (swamp horsetail) and also 4 sedges : soft-leaved sedge ( Carex disperma), inflated sedge (Carex exsiccate), sawbeak sedge ( Carex stipata) and white beak-rush (Rhynchospora alba).

On July 15th four of us returned to the Ecological Reserve at Sutton Pass, so that Helen could get samples of the sub species of Western St John’s Wort and other plants in the bowl.

Along the roadway this time we saw the western rattlesnake root (Prenanthes alata) in bloom confirming what we had seen on the July 2nd trip. It has a very scruffy off-white flower.

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