Six birders met at Elks Park at Kye Bay to check out the gull flocks. There were easily a few thousand gulls scattered over the sandbars on the falling tide. There was also a raft of sea ducks (scoters, long-tails, etc.) a mile or more offshore to the southeast.

More details and photos on the Nature Student blog.

After checking out the closer gull flocks most members decided to head over to Pt. Holmes, while the Hardy Two stayed and slogged out towards the reef to check the gulls out that way. Altogether we had six species for the day: thousands of Glaucous-winged, hundreds of Mew, several Thayer’s, a few California, a couple of Herring, and at least one Ring-billed. There was also a flock of about 50 Brant near the reef. No shorebirds seen.